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Get Fit with Yoga


YM Yoga Studio hosts yoga classes and provides nutrition and personal training services in different locations across London.

The yoga classes are aimed at men and women who are keen to increase their fitness level and flexibility but struggle either to get motivated or to fit exercise into a hectic work routine. If you are a busy professional wanting to start a serious exercise programme, join us for a complimentary class – and then sign up for a 10-session, special-rate package.

ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) YOGA

a 45-minute, high-intensity fitness training / bootcamp-style class outdoors.

£12 – drop in class

£100 – 10 classes package


A one-hour dynamic yoga and stretching class indoors.

£18 – Drop in class

£160 – 10 classes package 

First Time? Enjoy one complimentary class

Locations and Schedule :

Stanmore Place:                 Howard Road, HA7 1GB.


9 am – I.C.E. Yoga on the Deck 

10 am – Vinyasa Flow on the Lake 


St John’s Wood:                  NW8 Performance, 97 Boundary Road, NW8 0RG.

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